Sunday, February 12, 2012

Florida... A blessing!

Alright so a friend of mine started a blog and I am a privileged reader, but as I read his blog I started to feel bad because mine is, well it stinks so look I'm writing!

I am still loving Florida and the lessons she has, and continues to teach me! I still miss my Colorado but Florida has been so good for me as I go on this adventure of finding me. Florida has brought opportunity with both Disney and Seaworld, not only that but I have found great stories and adventures! Even more wonderful Florida has brought me to find some of the most amazing friends of all time. The older I get the more wisdom I gain, Florida has brought both of these out even more in overall very good ways. Growing up I was always very unique and confident (on the outside) of who I was. Florida has brought that even more and it has strengthened me through hard times of being far away and having to sometimes stand alone. I have had to find my own feet and it has been hard, but it has showed me my own strength. I have done some dumb things but I have overall stayed true to my belief and I like to think I have stood out and become an example to those around me. Well that's all for tonight I have to sleep, off to Seaworld in the morning, but hey I wrote!