Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Passion vs. Addiction....

Passion is a fantastic thing. It's been one of my biggest awe-ha moments lately. I have also noticed that true passion is starting to die or become miss interpreted. I fear that many in our world have a hard time deciphering passion from addiction. Yes, I do believe that passion and addiction are very similar and it can be very hard to tell if one is addicted to something or passionate about it. You may come to disagree but guess what I don't care, this is my blog ha!

Anyway, you have passion. For me passion is extremely powerful. It is a love for something that is magnified into into almost an obsession. However just like anything it should be taken in moderation, I also believe it should be spread and grown to other things. Allow to explain further. I have great passion for the gospel, I would give my everything for the gospel, it is the most important thing in the world to me. Of course I have other passions too like cattle, education, America etc... I feel that passions are almost like talents you should find more and more, and make yourself and expert over your passions. I think they should be good strong healthy passions as well (obviously.) I honestly think that without passion nothing would ever get done. No one would care enough to fight if they weren't passionate. Joan of Arc, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Jesus Christ, and so many others accomplished all these world changing events because of their passion.

Now before I get to my point I want to talk about addiction. Addiction is painful and something that each and everyone of us will deal with in our lives in some form. I don't know what your addictions are but I know I have my own and I fight them everyday. Now we are all on a mortal experience and addiction is something that we all must experience and overcome. We live in a world that tells us every minute that addiction is good, we should own and accept our addictions. In reality they are harmful and completely and utterly Selfish. Yup I said it our addictions are as low and selfish as we can go. This about your personal addiction (I will think about mine.) Now think how that addiction is something that pulls you from those you love and from your higher power, now think how that addiction is something sought not to build you and strengthen you, but to bring you some sort of twisted momentary happiness. Now think of how the world tells you that they are good and ok and hey you were born that way!! Yah you may have been born to develop those addictions but remember We always have the choice in the end! Will we choose to become trapped in that addiction or will we choose to be free?

Now I want to compare Passion and Addiction because I think the world confuses us into thinking addictions are passions, and vise versa. True they are both a sort of obsession but you have addiction which serves you and you have passion which usually serves others. Either that or it builds us to change the world in some selfless way. When you google the word passion, one of the main things you see is Christ  and his sacrifice and Atonement which is often called the Passion of Christ! So to me having true passions will in the end bless others, my passion for education has already blessed not just me but others I know and love dearly. As you look at your life and what you consider yourself passionate about look and see if it will be something that blesses you and only you if so maybe it's not the best thing to be spending your time on, perhaps it's time to see if maybe that is an addiction, and solve the problem. Please by all means don't allow that addiction to make you a victim, instead choose to destroy that from your mind and find your true passions!! Remember that passions will bring forth good fruit so go journey out and find that thing and makes you want to give up everything so defend. Find your passion and share it with the world! I will tell you one thing, passions are not easy they take much time and study and they grow and develop at their own pace but when they are found they will break your heart with care and joy!! Go search, find, share your passion!!