Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear mother, I brought the end of the world...

Sooo.... If you know me at all, you know that I have a small (but totally healthy) interest in the end of the world/Apocalypse. I love nothing more than to snuggle up with a good piece of the book of Revelation after a good segment on History channel about some sort of theory of the future and our doom. Anyway it has been at the front of my mind more than usually in particular the anti Christ, who is supposedly the one to bring the end of times to pass. Then I started to think about who he might be and where he came from, which then brought me to his mother and a rather interesting theory I have.

Everyone has a mother right? So that must mean the anti christ, whoever he is must have one too right? As I talked to a few different people about what she might be like, they looked at me a little weird and then said that she must be evil. To raise such a creation that brings on the end of the world and the return of Christ you have to be evil right? Well that is part of what think. She might be evil as evil can be teaching her son in all the devilish ways he needs to bring this entire chapter of the Plan of Salvation to great and dreadful end. What if she is not evil what if she has the strength equivalent to Mary or even stronger?

So here is my big theory, but first I need to talk about Satan and the Plan of Salvation (the plan in which the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints aka Mormons, believe in) in this plan we believe that we all lived with our Heavenly Father in a pre-mortal existence before Adam and Eve and even before the Earth. We believe that there was a war in Heaven over what plan to choose, Heavenly Father's Plan of Salvation (hint, hint we picked that) and Lucifer's plan (a plan with no agency simply just come to Earth do what we are told and go back home, no choice, no experience, no learning. Giving all glory to Lucifer) Anyway Lucifer's Plan was denied he and one third of the host of Heaven were cast down to Hell. Why is this part of my theory? Because the last being to bring forth the end to a precious piece of this plan was Satan, so the anti Christ must be almost, if not equally evil to Satan.

So now here we go my theory on the mother to this evil creature is that maybe she is a strong beautiful God fearing women, someone that is trained in the Gospel and strong to the equivalent of Mary. Very bold I understand but if you think of it for a man/women to be THAT incredibly evil I think they would have to have been raised in goodness and truth. The most unforgivable sin it to deny the Holy Ghost. I think for the anti Christ to be that truly evil they would have had to choose to deny God and truth, just as Lucifer (who had full knowledge) denied the Father.

If my theory is at all correct and this women, this mother is not evil and is good, she would have to be just about one of the most strengthened of all Heavenly Father's children. Perhaps strong enough that in the pre-mortal life she volunteered to take on this task. If this is so and she is not the mother of all evil then my heart aches for her and the pain she will experience as she endures a future that her child will bring to an end, or bring on the beginning?....