Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Do Real Men Still Exist?

Oh Brother...

I have to take this time to boast/rant ever so slightly. Let us begin with the picture above. This one is one of my very favorites. I took this picture at one of my favorite places in the world, EPOCT. I took it at the end of a long, but fun,  Disney day. I had fallen to the ground in a childish fit of exhaustion and as I gazed up from my temper tantrum saw these two studs reaching down to pick me up. These two studs are my baby brothers (although they are not so baby any more). 

I want to dedicate this blog to these two men that now look down at me, but only in height hehe. They are always there to pick me up no matter the circumstance. Okay, so I am a single 25 year old girl in the rough and tough world of dating. Anyone who is in this stage knows the struggles I am referring. Recently, while sitting in a church lesson we were all invited to write down qualities we desire in our future partner. I thought of my own list and I thought of advise given to be picky, but not too picky. You know the whole "marry potential, not perfection." I often worry about these thoughts of expecting too much in the ways of perfection. I think that sometimes the chivalry of old had died off in my more negative mind of the dating life. I worry that there are no "men" left and I may just have to settle or chose the cat, dog, yak, cow, goat life... (Not a word friends who know me).

As I thought these negative thoughts another wandering thought came to my mind, it was a thought of my two little brothers and how great they are. I had the realization that real men do exist. These two young men are such examples of what a real man is. They are such examples of what it is to be chivalrous, of holding the door for others, waiting until you safely get into your house after you are dropped off,  of picking up a girl, dropping everything to go serve others in need, and most important working hard to do Heavenly Father's will. They honor their priesthood, they do their duties, and always work hard (well most always). They are complete dorks who will make you laugh till you cry. They are protective and caring. I know that I can always call on these two no matter my struggle. After a bad date, or even a good one. When I have a crush on a guy but know I'll probably say something dumb. They seem to always know what to say to make me feel better, or sometimes annoyed in a light hearted laughable way. These little brothers of mine are far from perfect, we still fight a lot and they still drive me crazy, boy do they have some growing to do. They make stupid choices and eat way too much. BUT I love them and I am grateful for the things they have taught me.

My learnings in this awe-ha is that Heavenly Father has greatly blessed me with amazing men in my family to help teach me what I have to look forward to in my future. He has sent me these men to teach me how to be a better daughter of God. He sent me these men to teach me the proper and divine roles of men and women. He sent these men to each me the importance of the priesthood and honoring that sacred power they hold for our Father to bless the world. He sent me these men to teach me to be tough and learn the joys of getting a little dirty every now and again. He sent me these men to teach me my value in being a beautiful daughter of a King who is very much worth it. He sent me these men to show me that if I do my part and work equally hard, I can add another real man to my life as my forever companion.

Hold on just one second, I am missing a brother... I think the greatest thing my Father has taught me with my little brothers is how I can better my relationship I have with my big brother, Jesus Christ. I love my big brother more than anyone. I am so grateful for him and his example to me. He is the perfect big brother and perfect example of what we can all become. He is the perfect example of a real man who gave everything to the service of others. He was the perfect man who did his Father's will completely. He is the perfect real man who honors his sacred priesthood and fights to make it so we will all return home from this mortal life. He is the ultimate brother of protection and true love. 

I am overjoyed with the gratitude I have for all of my brothers, the younger ones and the older one. I am grateful for their sacrifices and their love for those around them. I am grateful to have them all as best friends and I am grateful to be a daughter and a sister to such amazing real men.