Friday, July 26, 2013

First email!

Here is Michayla's first letter! I tweaked it a wee bit, but here is most of the news.

Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my I have so much to tell and NOT a lot of time to tell it! I miss you so much!!!!!! I was so happy to get your dear Elder last night... (I see why missionaries want mail sooooo bad... So if you wanna let anyone have my address hahahaha well for the next 5 weeks). Okay back to writing. 
It sounds like you all are surviving... (even without me hehe). I really do miss you all so much I can't even express it! BUT this really has been an incredible adventure! I am so filled with the spirit ALL THE TIME! I still find myself hungering for more. Our Branch President challenged us all to read the Book Of Mormon here at the MTC, he said it would help us get better with the language (I hope he's right...) It has been truly amazing reading it here in a place of spirit and learning... I find myself excited to "see what happens next..." even if I already know what happens... I have truly found great treasures of knowlege and so many Awe-Ha's I can't even begin to explain them all... I have also been studying in great depth Timothy 1-2 and the words a great mentor speaks to his children. It has hit me to the core... Especially the whole part about soldiers... I feel that I am a real soldier in the fight for truth and right during a time of great darkness.. I am honoured and humbled to be apart of this great army!
The language is very hard for me and still have moments of anxiety when I do badly but I am learning true humility... I am becoming "as a child" (one of my favorite things) I am praying as a child and testifying as a child... Bringing me pack to the simple truths of the gospel... I love my family... I love Jesus... I love my companion... I love the Atonement... All simple terms that have brought me to know in depth the simplicity of the gospel! I know I will continue to struggle with the language but I continue to remember that through the spirit weak things WILL be made strong. My langage WILL get better if I do the work to BRING the spirit we really can do ANYTHING through our Heavenly Father... Along with humility comes the giving up of Pride... That hurts, man does that hurt... I feel like Eustice from Dawn Treader when Aslan turns him back into a boy... Pride is so much a part if us... It is physically painful to pull it away and give it to Jesus Christ... But I am seeing the worth and blessings from doing so.
So more about the MTC... I still love my companion!! She is so great and understands the real world. She is also a cowgirl and huge into sports! I love her so much I can see why I came here!! I think God needed us to be together! I love that we can sit and talk about deep doctrine and incredible experiences and then turn around and quote random movies like She's the Man and talk about our lives away from the mission. We have a theme scripture too which is cool D&C 84:88 it is what we feel is the theme for our companionship! I am so happy to be with her and the other girls in our district! There are four girls all together. I love the other companionship too. They are amazing as well we all get along really well! I also really love the boys in our district! there are 8 boys and 4 girls and we spend a lot of time all together learning and growing. They are my family here each of those boys have become a brother to me and each of the girls has become a sister! They really are an amazing group of young folks!
I still miss you all and still cry because this is so hard but I am learning and growing so much! I wish I had more time to share the filling the spirit offers. I can truly see why the apostles slept during the Atonement... The spirit is exhausting!!! I go to bed 10:30 every night and I am up at 6:30 but it feel like I never sleep haha but it really is worth it I promise! Now I don't know what you want to share with everyone but I will let you piece it together... I was hoping to type to everyone but I am running out of time! Okay I need to go now I love you so much and will keep writing!!!!!!!! PLEASE DON'T FORGET ME!!!!!!